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You Can Get Paid to Travel


Now we will show you how to travel for free in a new luxury motor home.  And here is the best part - you can GET PAID Too. Itís possible to do this part time, travel when you want and earn $30,000 to $52,000 each year. Year after year meet new friends and enjoy your life. Any family member can be your driver.


Now you can see the U.S. and Canada. There is a little known way of life out there for you to enjoy seeing the sights and enjoying your freedom. With the following information you could be traveling in the next 10 days it does not matter if youíre single or a couple you can easily qualify for this new adventure. Thousands are doing it, so if you're ready here we go.


We've all seen brand-new cars being delivered, often 10 or more at a time, from the factories to the dealerships, on the back of long, car carrying trucks. But have you had seen recreational vehicles delivered that way? Yet, people simply don't think about things they don't see. That makes this the world's greatest "sleeper" travel job.


And it takes a big workforce to get that job done. At least 100,000 people are doing this at any given time in North America working either full-time, part-time seasonally. The weekend drivers typically earn an extra $150-350 per week, by doing this! Knowledgeable full-time drivers typically earn $30,000 to $52,000 a year.  Click here on how to become a driver.


Working for Manufacturers and Dealers


From conversion vans to the largest "class A" RVs, and for every type of specialty vehicle you can think of, there are about 3,800 manufacturing and modification sites in North America; 3,500 are in the USA, and 300 more in Canada. Full-time, single drivers typically earn between $30,000 to $52,000 per year.


Transporter companies serve many of the manufacturers by providing them with drivers. For some companies, they provide all of the drivers that the manufacturer needs. But more often, the transporter will provide supplemental drivers. In those cases, the manufacturer retains a core group of drivers that they know they can always keep busy... and when more drivers are needed, the manufacturer calls upon the driver-providing services of the transporters. 


Whatís next?  Go to the RV delivery companies web sites and call or apply online.  A list of companies is covered in the next section.



How to Become a Driver




Apply Online or Call to Check on Openings For Drivers in Your Area.


 The first two listings are the most popular.


Horizon Transport Inc

Call 800-320-4055 

PO Box 826 Walkarusa. IN 46575


Quality Drive-Away Inc

Call 800-695-9743

64825 Co. Rd 31

Goshen, Indiana 46528


Drive a way USA Inc.

Call 800-340-3793 In Kansas 913-438-2300

Fax 913-438-5089


Jet Inc

Call 800-825-8407

PO.Box 460

Middlebury, Indiana 46540


Toronto Drive Away

Call 800-561-2658

5803 Yonge St Suite #101

Toronto, Ontario M2M3V5


Hoosier RV Transport

Call 800-848-1510

1108 South Division

Bristol, IN 46507


Hereís How It Works


After you have been accepted as a driver, you will be told how many days you will have to reach your destination.  We recommend before leaving to pick up your new motor home to call ahead and make sure all your paperwork is completed and make sure your unit is ready to go.


If everything is ready, you will not have to waste any time in hotels waiting around. Important to remember when you are ready to deliver your unit is to make sure you arrive on a normal work day, generally 9 AM to 4 PM in most places, some locations on Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM.  Always check before you leave.


We recommend that you have a cell phone and a laptop computer with you to check on weather and road conditions. This will save you a lot of time and money to know where to find the best fuel prices and campground directories. Here are some helpful travel information sites to save you time and money good luck and have fun.


Travel and Weather Information and Best Fuel Prices

Weather Conditions and Storm Watch             


Todayís Weather


National Weather Service


Canada The Weather Net Work


Your RV Home On The Web


Storm Watch Weather on Demand


Dept of Transportation State by State Information

Gasoline Prices


Gas Buddy Gas Prices For All The U.S. & Canada


Truckers Friend 


Truck Stop Directory


Truck World


TA Travel Centers


IS Best Americas Truck Stops


Truck Stop Fuel and Food


Flying J Inc


Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling


Dixie Truckers Home


Pilot Travel Centers


North American Truck Stop Network


Americas Premier Travel Plaza


RV Information


List of RV Manufacturers - More Locations For You.


Another Great Resource RV USA



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