Unbelievably Good Senior Deals and Discounts



Now that Youíre Over 50, You Qualify for Thousands of Special Money-Saving Deals and Special Discounts.

You paid the price to get here


As a person in your prime, you now deserve your rewards. Now letís cash in as a part of the fastest growing segment of the American population, your group represents one of the largest potential consumer groups. Over 25% of the U.S. population are over 50 years young. By the year 2020 that number will grow to over 33% and here is the best part, those of us over 50 control most of the nations wealth. The average age for retirement has dropped to 61.


Most important, as a group we are fit healthy and ready to go have some

fun see the world. In this book you will learn about the special privileges and advantages of getting older. Here are some special deals that would

not work for you when you were younger.


Important Things to Remember about Senior Travel Discounts
  1. Join AARP to receive one of the best seniorís discounts for only $12.50 per year. With over 3400 local chapters.

  2. Join Best Fares.  Travel the world for less.  One of the best on the Web.  Hundreds of special discounts every day.

  3. Now sign up for 120,000 senior discounts free.  Go to www.seniordiscounts.com.  Just add your zip code.  Discounts for your home and travel. 

  4. Last Minute Travel - Top 25 deals

Some Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Traveling
  • Always ask for your discount when you are making your reservations or checking in. If you wait until your checking out or settling your account it will be too late.

  • Always carry your identification with proof of age or membership in a senior club. AARP or AAA.

  • Rates and senior discounts tend to change at a momentís notice always check before you finalize your plans.

  • Remember your discounts only apply between certain hours, and certain days of the week, or during specific seasons of the year.

  • Remember donít always jump for senior discounts without checking out other rates. Many rates and discounts are available to any one of any age and may turn out to be a better deal.

  • Always check out the airline Web sites, many list their lowest fares online.

  • Remember information about discounts is seldom volunteered so always ask.

Useful Phone Numbers and Web Addresses
Get on These Travel discount E-mailing Lists


The following sites have the best discount deals. Sign up now - free!

























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